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ifakFAST bundles the software components of the technology construction kits SIMBA#, Mediator and DOME. From this framework individual software solutions for

  • Simulation, regulation and control of processes in process and production engineering – CONTROL application area
  • the visualization of process data as well as the parameterization and configuration of the automation technology used in the process – application field SCADA
  • the management of measurement data – application field MDM
  • the management of operating data – application field BDM

which meet the requirements of an integrated automation solution with an integrated engineering process.

The ifakFAST core component, the Mediator, is an open source software, which was published under MIT license at GitHub. In addition, there are various adapters (e.g. OPC, OPC UA) and GUI components, which are also provided as open source software.

The components of the SIMBA# and DOME kits are provided application-specific and licensed separately. In the water and wastewater sector, the main components and libraries of SIMBA# are distributed under a corresponding license for SIMBA#water.

More information can be found at: