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Generic Device for PROFIBUS- und PROFINET-Device Applications

The behavior of the field device application, which can usually be viewed independently of the fieldbus interface, is to be developed on a development computer with high-quality and convenient development tools. On the one hand, this enables the behavior of the device on the bus system to be practically oriented, and on the other hand, the pure application logic can be put into operation separately.

In the generic field device gateway, all field bus services are transparently passed to the host.


  • Support of both cyclic and acyclic services in PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • Access to fieldbus components via a common abstraction layer
  • High level of abstraction of the interface
  • Encapsulation of the communication between development computer and PROFILgate
  • Same handling of fieldbus protocols PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • No special equipment know-how required
  • Device application can also run directly on the PROFILgate
  • Use of two binary output operations (e.g. relay switching)

Technical Requirements

  • Hardware: Standard-PC with Ethernet-socket
  • Software: Windows OS Windows 8 oder newer versions, UNIX-OS