ifak technology + service GmbH is a spin-off and cooperation partner of the research institute ifak e.V. and has started the business activity in 2017. The company is headquartered in Karlsruhe and is partner of the ifak-network consisting of research institute and companies. This network is now represented in Middle - and South Germany. ifak technology + service GmbH offers products, technical solutions and services for hard- and software in fields of automation and ICT.

Offerings for products and services:

  • Simulation
    • SIMBA# based simulation tool for sewer system, wastewater treatment plant, sludge treatment and rivers
    • SIMBA# based simulation tool for biogas plants
    • SIMBA# based simulation tool for academic and educational purposes
  • Automation
    • Framework for integrated automation and simulation technologies
    • DOME - Distributed and cooperative control systems are the basis for modern automation architectures.
    • EDD Studio - Comfortable development environment for EDD, efficient METHOD debugger inclusively
  • Communication
    • Plant Explorer for exploring the network topology and querying / setting PROFINET device information
    • Tools and Libraries to access PROFINET networks
    • PROFILgate - device oriented fieldbus interface for PROFINET and PROFIBUS
    • HART test laboratory for device tests
  • Workshops / Services
    • Workshop about "Technology & Industrie 4.0"
    • Workshop about usage of SIMBA products
    • Support for development of device descriptions (EDD)
    • Workshop about technologies of  device integration (EDD, FDI, FDT)